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Posted - 09 Dec 04 - 11:57 am

obin Hood, Robin Hood, with Little John,
Were hiding in a tree,
There they were watching the path through the forest
To see what they could see.

Here comes the Sheriff of Nottingham Shire
A-riding with his men,
Carrying gold to the Lord of the Manor;
With horsemen nine or ten.

Robin Hood, Robin Hodd jumps from his bough
And bids the Sheriff stand;
"out of my way" cried the Sheriff so sharply,
"'Tis I who give the command."

Robin Hood, Robin Hood blew on his horn
To sound the warning call,
Down from the tress in the forest came tumbling
Little John and merry men all.

"Odds" said the Sheriff, to Robin Hood's men;
"I pray you take the gold."
"Thank you good Sheriff" upspake Little John,
"And what we have we'll hold."

Source: Singing Together, Spring 1972, BBC Publications


Descried as "English Traditional tune. New words by Gordon Hitchcock."

I have a fragmentary song to this same tune, also about Robin Hood and Little John, sung by "The City Waites" in a Thomas Ravenscroft composition "Three Country Dances in One".

masato sakurai

Posted - 09 Dec 04 - 12:32 pm

"A Round of Three Country Dances in One", where the fragmentary "Robin Hood" song is appendixed, is in Pammelia (1609, p. 74).

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