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Posted - 07 Oct 04 - 01:37 pm

Whaur ha'e ye been a' the day?
(Bonnie laddie, Hieland laddie;)
Saw ye him that's far away?
(Bonnie laddie, Hieland laddie;)
On his heid a bonnet blue,
(Bonnie laddie, Hieland laddie;)
Tartan plaid and Hieland trews,
(Bonnie laddie, Hieland laddie.)

When he drew his guid braid sword,
Then he gave his royal word,
Frae the field he ne'er wad flee,
But wi' his frien's wad live or dee.

Weary fa' the Lawland loon,
Wha took frae him the British croon,
Blessing on the kilted clans,
Wha focht for him at Prestonpans.

Source: Singing Together, Spring 1968, BBC Publications

masato sakurai

Posted - 07 Oct 04 - 02:12 pm

Beethoven arranged this song. Info with lyrics & midi is at The Unheard Beethoven (the first three).


Posted - 07 Oct 04 - 02:27 pm

It's also worth noting that the Hugill devotes about five pages of 'Shanties from the seven Seas' to various related shanties around this tune, most famously "Donkey Riding."

Mary in Kentucky

Posted - 07 Oct 04 - 11:29 pm

Masato - thanks for another great link! My three loves - piano, folk tunes and Beethoven!

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