Author Topic: Add: Can't You Dance the Polka? [New York Gals]


Posted - 25 Jul 04 - 04:39 pm

As I walked down the Broadway,
One evening in July,
I met a maid who asked my trade,
A Sailor John, sez I
Then away, you Santee, my dear Annie!
Ooh! you Noo York gals,
Can't ye dance the polka?

To Tiffany's [Nelligan's/a fancy store] I took her,
I did not mind expense
I bought her two gold earrings [I bought a slap-up supper],
An' they cost me fifteen cents [That cost me fifteen cents]

Sez she, "You Limejuice sailor,
Now see me home you may."
But when we reached her cottage door,
She this to me did say.

My flash man he's a Yankee,
Wid his hair cut short behind,
He wears a pair o' long sea-boots [red-tooped boots, brass-bound jacket]
An' he sails the Blackball line [he's Bosun in the Blackball Line].

He's homeward bound this evening,
An' wid me he will stay.
So git a move on, sailor-boy,
Get crackin' on yer way.

So I kissed her hard and proper,
Afore her flash man came,
An' fare-ye-well, me Bowery gel,
I know yer little game.

I wrapped me glad rags round me,
An' to the dock did steer.
I'll never court another maid,
I'll stick to rum an' beer.

I joined a Yankee blood-boat,
An' sailed away next morn.
Don't ever fool around wid gals,
Yer safer off Cape Horn!

Jon Freeman

Posted - 25 Jul 04 - 05:24 pm

Only 15 cents! It seems like the way I learned it must have added inflation - 50 cents. Either way, it's a song I very much enjoy - thanks Dave.


Posted - 26 Jul 04 - 11:46 am

Tom Lewis maintains that this is a 'Modern' version ,post circa 1880 - Before this date (when the Polka gained popularity) the last line was 'You loves us for our money'.

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