Author Topic: Add: Come Buy My Fine Herring

Pip Freeman

Posted - 27 Jan 04 - 12:35 pm

Come buy my fine herrings.
Come buy my fine herrings,
My fine silver herrings,
Come buy my fine herrings,
That's just returned from sea.
Come buy, come buy, you are too late,
Mark how they are selling
Whilst the merry bells shall ring.

We cast a net so long at sea (3 times)
And a very fine catch had we.

We cast our net all on the deep (3 times)
And the devil of a fish catched we.

Source: Still growing. English traditional Songs from the Cecil Sharp Collection.

Collected from a Lucy White of Hambridge, Somerset.

Added to database here.


Posted - 16 Sep 04 - 03:44 pm

I can't see how the additional verses fit to the tune. Does anyone know?


Posted - 16 Sep 04 - 04:37 pm

I don't know, but my interpretation was that if you leave the slurs off the tune as shown, then there are eight notes and eight syllables, so that's how put things together.


Posted - 16 Sep 04 - 05:04 pm

I wondered if that would be the way -

then use the "come buy, etc" as a refrain?


Posted - 28 Sep 04 - 06:18 pm

I knew that I had seen a broadside of this but it has taken me some time to find it.

The Bodleian has it as circa 1840 and the words fit the tune as I know it.

Caller Herring

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