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Jon Freeman

Posted - 28 Aug 02 - 03:27 pm

Throwing this one in as it might raise a number of interesting questions in relation to the song db, etc.

The Fox

The Fox went out one winter night,
And prayed the moon to give him light,
For he'd many a mile to go that night,
Before he reached his dne, O!
Den, O! Den, O!
For he'd many a mile to go that night,
For he'd many a mile to go that night,
Before he reached his den, O!

At last he came to a farmer's yard,
Where the ducks and the geese were all afear'd
"The best of you all shall grease my beard,
Before I leave the Town O!
Town O! Town O!
The best of you all &c.

He took the grey goose by the neck,
He laid a duck across his back,
And heeded not thier quack! quack! quack!
The legs of all dangling down, O!
Down, O!, Down O!
And heeded not &c.

Then old mother Slipper Slopper jump'd out of bed
And out of the window she pop't her head,
Crying "Oh! John, John! the grey goose is dead,
And the fox is over the down, O!"
Down, O!, Down O!
Crying "O John, John &c.

Then John got up to the top o' the hill,
And blew this horn both loud and shrill,
"Blow on" said Reynard, "your music still,
Whilst I trot home to my den, O",
Den, O!, Den, O!,
"Blow on" said Reynard &c.

At last he came to his cosy den,
Where sat his young ones, nine or ten,
Quoth they, "Daddy, you must go there again,
For sure, 'tis a lcuk town, O!"
Town, O! Town, O!
Quoth they, "Daddy &c.

The fox and wife without any strife,
They cut up the goose without fork or knife,
And said 'twas the best they had eat in thier life,
And the young ones pick'd the bones, O!
Bones, O!, Bones, O!
And said 'twas the best &c.

Source: Songs Of The West, S Baring Gould.

Rest, which could even include 3 noted tunes, to follow...


Mary in Kentucky

Posted - 28 Aug 02 - 03:36 pm

I always think of the Smothers Brothers singing this one!


Posted - 28 Aug 02 - 03:38 pm

It had to happen, Jon! This is in the database (Daddy Fox,Old). Of course, it is a different source, so now we have to work out how to cross reference them. I'll leve it to you to show us how do it this time *GRIN*

Jon Freeman

Posted - 28 Aug 02 - 03:46 pm

Dave, that of course was one of the reasons I posted it... Also want to see what happens now we have 2 related threads... believe me, there is some method in my madness, I just want to see what comes out of it.


Jon Freeman

Posted - 28 Aug 02 - 03:52 pm

Don't know that name Mary. I have always associated this song with Burl Ives.



Posted - 28 Aug 02 - 04:22 pm

Yes, I now see the point of your initial comment on the post.

What I think we should do is create a new db entry and use the songid to relate the new song to the old but do not relate the old one to the new.

Life becomes complicated when we have three or more of them. The simplest approach would be to relate the two new ones to the oldest one (in terms of entry date). In database terms, everything relates to the song with the lower 'songid'. Then you can find everything related to song P with related song Q by

WHERE SONGS.songid=P OR SONGS.songid2=P OR
SONGS.songid=Q OR SONGS.songid2=Q

(I think I've got that right!) ... and this will work however many songs are related to other songs.

The most obvious alternative is to form a 'loop' where song A names song B, song B names song C and song C names song A. This does not work very well from a database searching point of view because you would have to do a variable number of joins.

For those who want to lose sleep over this, it is theoretically possible for song A to be related to Song B and Song B to Song C but for A to be unrelated to C, but I don't we need concern ourselves too much about that - its probably better to give too many results back than too few.

Perhaps an example might help. It is possible for A and B to have closely related lyrics and B and C to share a tune, but for A to be sung to the tune of C to be unknown

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Jon Freeman

Posted - 29 Aug 02 - 01:33 pm

For discussion on "The Fox", please see Daddy Fox


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