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Posted - 07 Oct 03 - 10:35 am

Mo sh? th ghal goirt, Mar a ta mi an nochd!
'S mi gun t? mh, gunfhois, gun sunnd!
Mo sh? th ghal goirt, Mar a ta mi nochd!
'S mi gun t? mh, gun fhois, gun sunnd!

'S mi gun sunnd air st? ;
Gun mo dh?¹il ri bhi sl? n;
Tha mo sh?¹gradh gu br? th air ch?¹l
(repeat as chorus)

'S ann tha Le?²dach mo ghaoil,
'S an oil-anart chaol,
'S gun ch?²mbdach ru thaobh, ach b?¹ird.

'S?¨ bhi smaointtinn ort.
So-chr? idh mi' m chorp,
'Sa chn? mh ma ruing bho m? sh?¹il.

Source: F Tolme, 1911,One Hundred Songs of Occupation from the Western Isles of Scotland



1. In the state which I am this night,
I am satiated with sore weeping;
Without rest, without peace or joy.

2. With health uncertain, and of recovery there being no hope,
My gladness is for ever gone.

3. For Macleod, beloved, is in a fine woolen shroud,
with no covering to his side but boards.

4. It is with thinking on thee that my body has been in acute suffering,
and the lashes worn away from my eyes.

Frances TOlmie wrote:

[By Mary Macleod, 17th Century]

This was sung by the bardess at the beadside of her chief, Maxleod of Dunvegan, when he pretended that he had died. Each verse is sung twice. My version of the air is included in the Gesto Coll. (App. p. 53)

Sung by Roderick Macleod (Cottar), Beacadale, Skye, 1862.

Database entry is here.


Posted - 07 Oct 03 - 11:17 am

Good song - anyone like to attempt a phonetic pronunciation?

Jon Freeman

Posted - 07 Oct 03 - 12:30 pm

Maybe one day Watson... I've toyed with trying to get to the same state as I'm in Welsh with Gaelic. With Welsh, I can't understand what I'm reading (beyond the odd word) but I've usually got a good idea how to pronounce the words.


Posted - 08 Oct 03 - 02:01 pm

I wouldn't volunteer to try the phoentics myself - apart from it being beyond me anyway, I'm not sure how the accent of 'the Western Isles of Scotland' matches that of the other parts of Scotland. I had enough trouble a week or two back getting people to agree on whether to sing 'neither' as 'knee-the' or 'nigh-the'!

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