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King Pharim

King Pharim sat a-musing,
A musing all alone;
There came a blessed Saviour,
And all to him unknown.

"Say, where did you come from, good man,
Oh, where did you then pass?"
"It is out of the land Egypt,
Between an ox and ass."

"Oh, if you come out of Egypt, man,
One thing I fain would know,
Whether a blessed Virgin Mary
Sprung from an Holy Ghost?

For if this is true, is true, good man,
That you've been telling to me,
That roasted cock do crow three times
In the place where they did stand."

Oh, it's straight away the cock did fetch,
And fethered to your own hand,
Three times a roasted cock did crow,
On the place where they did stand.

Joseph, Jesus and Mary
Were a-travelling for the west,
When Mary gre a-tired
She might sit down and rest.

They travelled further and further,
The weather being so warm,
Till the cam unto some husbandman
A-sowing of his corn.

"Come husbandman!" cried Jesus,
"From over speed and pride,
And carry home your ripened corn
That you've been sowing this day.

For to keep your wife and family
From sorrow, grief and pain,
And keep Christ in your remembrance
Till the time comes round again."

Source: Jones, L, 1998, Miss Broadwood's Delight, Ferret Publications.Sutton Coldfield


This book was prepared by Lewis Jones from songs collected by Lucy Broadwood and is obtainable from Ferret Publications (see their web pages.)

This song was collected from the Goby Family and was published by Lucy Broadwood in English Traditional Songs and Carols, published in 1908 by Boosey and Co., London and New York.

I have given the words of the 'original version' - the book also includes a restored version this biggest change being to correct a theologically dubious verse to:

Oh, if you come out of Egypt, man,
One thing I ween thou know'st:
Is Jesus sprung of Mary
And of the Holy Ghost?

Database entry is here.

Phil Taylor

Posted - 27 Apr 03 - 11:49 am

The abc for this entry has got a bit garbelled. The title is given as "Who will shoe my foot" and the tune is missing altogether.


Posted - 27 Apr 03 - 03:35 pm

Oops! Now fixed, thank you Phil.

(My excuse: my new keyboard has an extra key -Fn- next to the control panel, and I keep typing Fn-V rather than Ctrl-V. Believe it if you like!)

Malcolm Douglas
Posted - 27 Apr 03 - 06:27 pm

Roud 306, Child 55

The Gobys were a Gypsy family well-known around Horsham and Dorking. Lucy Broadwood noted this song from "three gipsy men called Goby" in 1893. She also got a set of  The Moon Shines Bright from them.

See also The Carnal and the Crane


Posted - 28 Apr 03 - 01:51 pm

Thanks, Malcolm. I have added a 'link' from "The Moon Shines Bright" to this thread to record the common 'Goby' source. Jon: do we need another variety of link (thematic, etc) to show that they were from the same source/singer?

masato sakurai

Posted - 28 Apr 03 - 02:37 pm

The tune was adopted and set to "The Miraculous Harvest" in Dearmer et al.'s Oxford Book of Carols (1928, no. 55 [pp. 114-5]), which quotes a whole set of "King Pharim" lyrics in its notes. The version in L. Edna Walter, ed., Christmas Carols: Old English Carols for Christmas and Other Festivals, harmonised by Lucy E. Broadwood (Macmillan/A.C. Black , 1922, pp. 34-37, with illustrations) is "King Pharaoh (Part I: The Miracle of the Cock (Sussex Gypsies' Carol); and Part II: The Miraculous Harvest)", and modifies texts ("Pharaoh" instead of "Pharim").

Malcolm Douglas
Posted - 28 Apr 03 - 04:30 pm

The set of The Moon Shines Bright that we have here didn't come from the Gobys. The text which is reproduced here, published by Lucy Broadwood in English County Songs (1893) came from Thomas Gray of Weston, near Hitchin, Hertfordshire, and the tune came from Mrs Marshall of King's Langley. Gray's tune is given in a footnote. The Goby's set of The Moon Shines Bright was printed in Lucy Broadwood's English Traditional Songs and Carols (1908).


Posted - 28 Apr 03 - 04:34 pm

Spurious link removed again!

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