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Flash Company

First I loved William and then I loved John,
But now I love Thomas, he's a clever young man.
With his white cotton stockings and his high ankled shoes,
He wears a velvet jacket, like a flash lad he goes.

It's fiddling and dancing was all his delight,
And keeping flash company has ruined him quite,
Has ruined him quite and a great many more,
If he hadn't kept flash company he had never been so poor.

Oh, take this yellow handkerchief in remebrance of me,
And wear it all round your neck when in flash company.
Dry up your briny tears and don't look so sad,
There's plenty more flash girls all wish to be had.

Source: Purslow, F, (1968), The Wanton Seed, EDFS, London


Frank Purslow wrote:

Tune and text from Job Read, Southampton. (Gardiner H 365.) A rather puzzling song because of its apparet incompleteness; nearly all collected versions however agree almost word for word. I have heard the song sung in Suffolk to the Bold Princess Royal tune, but the above is the usual tune associated with the text. It appears to be Irish: although it rather sounds Tyrolienne it was being sung to the words of Green Bushes in Limerick in 1853 according to Joyce's "Ancient Irish Music" p 24. Compare also with two tunes in Petrie, Nos 222 and 223.

Database entry is here.

masato sakurai

Posted - 01 Apr 03 - 03:00 pm

Bodleian Library Broadside Ballads has one version:

Flash Company

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Malcolm Douglas
Posted - 01 Apr 03 - 03:06 pm

Roud 954

Also found as The Yellow Handkerchief, I Once Loved a Young Man, and so on. Mainly from Southern English tradition, though reported also in the USA and Canada.

Broadside examples at Bodleian Library Broadside Ballads:

Flash Company

The Wandering Girl, or the Bud of a Rose

The tunes in Petrie which Purslow refers to are as follows:

T:222: The Green Bushes
B:Stanford-Petrie, Complete Collection of Irish Music, 1903.
S:"Set by Mr Joyce from J. Martin, August 1854."
N:Untitled in S-P.
C2|F2 A2 F2|E3/2F/ GA B2|c2 dc GF|E4 CD/E/|F2 A2 F2|
EF GA B2|c2 ec d=B|c4 AB|c2 A2 f2|d2 c2 d/c/A/G/|
F2 FG A3/2F/|D4 CD/F/|F2 A2 GF|EF G2 AB|c2 dB G3/2E/|F4|]

T:223: An cumhain leatsa an oidhche ?ºd?
T:Do you remember that night?
B:Stanford-Petrie, Complete Collection of Irish Music, 1903.
S:"Set from M. Dineen by Mr Joyce."
N:Untitled in S-P.
CD/E/|F2 F2 GF|E2 F2 (3GAB|c2 BG FG|E2 C2 (3CDE|
F2 F2 GF|E2 F2 (3GAB|c2 BG FG|F4 (3GAB|c2 c2 {c}BA|B2 B2 cB|
A2 G2 FG|E2 C2 (3CDE|F2 F2 GF|E2 F2 (3GAB|c2 BA F3/{A}2G/|F4|]

Stanford omitted a lot of the tune titles; they are here restored from the tables in Donal O'Sullivan's article, The Petrie Collections of Irish Folk Music (Journal of the English Folk Dance and Song Society, vol.5 no.1, 1946).

O'Neill also prints a related Green Bushes air:

X: 3
T: Na tomanaidhe glais
B: O'Neill's 331
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
Z: 1999 by John Chambers
N: "Slow"
| A2 c2 A2 | (G>A) (Bc) d2 | e2 fd B>A | G4 ((3EFG)
| A2 c2 A2 | (GABc) d2 | e2 (ge) (f^d) | e4 (cd) ||
| e2 c2 aa | (f2 e2) (f/e/c/B/) | A2 (AB c>A) | F4 ((3EFG)
| A2 c2 A2 | (GA) B2 (cd) | e2 (fd) B>G | A2- Az ||

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Posted - 02 Apr 03 - 01:02 pm

The two Petrie ABC files above have been added here and here.

The related Green Bushes tune is here.

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Phil Taylor

Posted - 02 Apr 03 - 06:57 pm

There's an error in the last bar of the abc for " An cumhain leatsa an oidhche ?ºd?".


should probably read F3/{A}G/


Posted - 02 Apr 03 - 07:02 pm

Tune changed in line with Phil suggestion.

Malcolm Douglas
Posted - 02 Apr 03 - 07:53 pm

Thanks for spotting that. Don't know where that "2" came from!

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