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Posted - 14 Jan 12 - 12:25 pm

Hark, hark, let us behold
The  glorious birth of Christ;
Glad tidings we are told,
To all our human race.
Let us rejoice in heav'n, our Lord,
To sing His praise with one accord
To sing His praise with one accord.

This day, that blessed morn
all angels do adore;
Our Saviour Christ was born;
born of a virgin pure,
Born of a maid, a virgin pure,
To save our souls from guilt secure
To save our souls from guilt secure.

The moon that rules the night,
The sun that guides the day,
The glittering stars of night,
to all our human race.
Let us rejoice in Heav'n our Lord,
To sing his praise with one accord,
To sing his praise with one accord.

Take Six Archives at Cecil Sharp House, UK. Gardiner, H328

In December 2011 I was fortunate enough to attend a workshop in the New Forest, Hampshire, run by 'The Madding Crowd', focussed on carols collected in the New Forest area by George Gardiner.   These carols have been arranged by the Madding Crowd in four-part harmony and are simply glorious, so if you get a chance to hear them, do so. They produced a small booklet for the workshop and I am sure they can be persuaded to send you a copy of that, or some of their other booklets, for a small fee.  Try their website.

For the version posted here, I have gone back to the notes prepared by George Gardiner and John Gyer at the EFDSS website in the 'Take Six' archives, reference GG/1/6/328.  This was collected from George Blake on 16 July 1906 at St Denys, Southampton, Hampshire which is about a 10 minute drive from where I currently live.

Tim Radford

Posted - 14 Jan 12 - 01:15 pm

Hi All - I recorded this carol, on my CD from Forest Tracks Records - George Blake's Legacy.

Tim Radford

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