Author Topic: Add: Jam at Gerrys Rock

Jon Freeman

Posted - 03 Oct 11 - 12:53 pm

1.Come, all you jolly river boys, wherever you may be
And listen unto the danger which you are going to hear.
It's of six Jolly Canadian boys, in volunteer did go
To break the jam at Gerry's Rock, with their foreman, Young Monroe.

2.Twas on one Sunday morning all on the fourth of May,
Our logs were piled to mountains high, we cound not keep the way;
"Turn out, turn out!" our foreman cried, relieving of all fear,
"We'll break the jam at Gerry's rock, for Saginaw we'll steer."

3.Some of the boys were willing to go, while others, they hung back:
To work upon a Sunday, they did not think it right,
When six of our Canadian boys did vulunteer and go
To break the jam at Gerry's Rock with the foreman Young Monroe.

4.They had not rolled off many logs when the boss to them did say,
"I would have you be upon your guard, this jam will soon give way."
These words had scarce been spoken when the jam did break and go,
It carried away those six brave youths and their foreman, Young Monroe.

5.Now when the rest of those shanty boys came to their sad news to hear,
In search of their dead bodies to the river they did steer,
In search of their dead bodies to the river they did go;
All buried and mangled on the beach lay the head of Young Monroe.

6.They picked him from a watery grave, smoothed down his watery hair;
There was one fair maid among them whose cries might rend the air,
There was one fair maid among them, just down from Saginaw Town,
Whose moans and signs might rend the skies, for the true love that was drowned.

Folk Song of the Catskills Cazden, Haufrecht and Studner ISBN: o-87385-580-3.

Approved by Publisher as being avaliable to public.

Chuck Boody

Posted - 06 Feb 12 - 05:30 am

I spent a bit of time with a 90 year old Michigander who claimed to know folks who were at that jam.  I'm confused too about the "Folk Songs of the Catskills" as the source since the song is well known all over Michigan as a "local" song.

Chuck Boody

Jon Freeman

Posted - 06 Feb 12 - 09:28 am

Source just means the book we took it from.  As far as I understand it, in this case the song would be "local" to that area but that does not mean it need not also be "local" to another area. Songs and tunes move around and get adopted and adapted by different communities in different areas or even different countries.

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