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Posted - 16 Apr 11 - 12:05 pm

Hark, d'you hear those steps out there?
(Holahi! Holaho!)
Can it be my darling fair?
(Holahia ho!)
She's passed by and did not call
(Holahi! Holaho!)
P'raps it was not her at all
(Holahia ho!) 

People in the village say
(Holahi! Holaho!)
That I love a maiden gay
(Holahia ho!)
Let them gossip all the same;
(Holahi! Holaho!)
I'll not tell my true love's name
(Holahia ho!) 

When Spring comes perhap I'll dare
(Holahi! Holaho!)
My love's name to all declare
(Holahia ho!)
I'll not mind then what they say,
(Holahi! Holaho!)
For 'twill be our wedding-day
(Holahia ho!) 

Singing Together, BBC Broadcasts to Schools, Autumn Term, 1958

German song translated by Gladys Whitred

Jon Freeman

Posted - 16 Apr 11 - 05:08 pm

Haven't heard that in a while... Anyway, it persuaded me to dig the melodeon which has been gathering dust for years out.  Here we go...


Posted - 16 Apr 11 - 06:10 pm

And that's after years without any practice?   Shows how hopeless I am, instrumentally!

Jon Freeman

Posted - 16 Apr 11 - 08:02 pm

Yep but it's one of very few I can still play.  Probably with that one because I spent ages trying to work out how to play the two right hand notes together. Some "chords" fit with the bass chords on the G row and others on the D row.  And perhaps because it's slowish too.  I never got as far as playing faster jigs and reels on melodeon.

Mr Happy

Posted - 05 Aug 11 - 02:52 pm


Those lyrics you posted are different to the ones I learned from the BBC book & prog in the 50's.

I remember this snatch:

Listen to the cheerful cry, Holahi, hola ho

Is my true love passing by, hola hila ho

Then the voice fades down the street,   Holahi, hola ho

That was not my darling sweet,  hola hila ho

Jon Freeman

Posted - 05 Aug 11 - 03:06 pm

Mr Happy, someone on Mudcat has said they have used Singing Together 1958 for a version they posted and it is the same as ours and I'm satisfied that is correct.

That said, I remember it from a singing together blue book rather than a pamphlet and I thought it had "let them wonder".
I have found this (posted by a Guest from memory but learned in Canada so I doubt Singing Together) version on Mudcat:

Listen to that cheerful cry
Ho la hi, ho la ho
That's my sweetheart passing by
Ho lo hi la ho

Now the voice fades down the street
Ho la hi - ho la ho.
That was not my darling sweet
Ho la hi la ho

Idle people question me
Ho la hi - ho la ho.
What my true love's name can be
Ho la hi la ho.

Let them wonder, let them tease
Ho la hi - ho la ho
I will love just as I please
Ho la hi la ho


Posted - 16 Oct 11 - 04:49 pm

This is the version I remember! How lovely to see it again.

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