Author Topic: Add: Gently Johnny my Jingalo


Posted - 14 Jun 08 - 08:19 am

I put my hand all on her toe,
(Fair maid is a lily O)
She says to me you want to go
(Come to me quietly,
Do not do me injury,
Gently Johnny my Jingalo.)

I put my hand all on her knee.
She says to me: Do you want to see?

I put put hand all on her thigh
She says to me: Do you want to try?

I put my hand all on her billy.
She says to me: Do you want to fill 'ee?

I put my hand all on her breast.
She says to me: Do you want a kiss?

I put my hand all on her head.
She says: Do you want my maidenhead?

Cecil Sharp's Collection of English Folk Songs, ed Maud Karpeles , Oxford

A: William Tucker (64) at Ashcott, Somerset, 15 January 1907
B: Sam Erry (73) at Bridgewater, Somerset, 7 AUgust 1908


Note:  the first version has too few notes for 'injury'.   The line "Do you want my maidenhead" was printed as ''Do you wany my maidenhead" which might be reflecting a pronunciation but I have assumed it is a simple misprint.

Malcolm Douglas
Posted - 14 Jun 08 - 11:41 am

I think it would be a good idea to include volume and page number references in the usual way when copying material from print collections. Not everybody is sufficiently dedicated (or simply mad, depending how you look at it) to pay the sort of prices that book dealers expect for the Sharp-Karpeles set, and might want to look it up in a library.

I won't tell you how much I paid. It horrifies me even now, but I still think it was worth it.


Posted - 14 Jun 08 - 03:00 pm

Will do.  This is number 111, volume 1, p 445.

 I take your point on prices.   I think I will rely on the library myself!  Although given the quality of digital cameras, I've taken the liberty of photographing the first  hundred pages or so.  Much faster than scanning, and while the pictures are distorted - the page not flat and so on - it is good enough for me to work from.  How much I photograph depends on the time I have...

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