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God Bless the Master

God bless the master of this house
And send him long to reign
Where'er he walks, where'er he rides,
Lord Jesus be his guide,
Lord Jesus be his guide.

God bless the mistress of this house
With a gold chain round her breast;
Amongst her friends and kindered
God send her soul to rest.

From morn to morn [Good man, good man], remeber thou,
WHen first our Christ was born,
He we crucified between two thieves,
And crown-ed with a thorn.

From morn to morn, remeber thou,
When Christ lay on the rood,
'Twas for our sins and wickedness
Christ shed his precious blood.

God bless the ruler of this house
And send him long to reign;
And many a merry Christmas
We may live to see again.

Now I've saif my carol,
Which I intend to do,
God bless us all both great and small,
And send us a happy New Year.

Source: Bushes and Briars (Vaughan Williams), Ed Roy Palmer, ISBN 1-86143-072-8


Journal of the Folk Song Society III. 273, Vaughan Williams

Database entry is here

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Malcolm Douglas
Posted - 14 Oct 02 - 01:19 pm

Roud 1066.

This song was noted by Dr. George Gardiner and Ralph Vaughan Williams from Daniel Wigg of Preston Candover, Hampshire, in 1909. He was 84. The Journal page reference should be 261-3; 273 is Mr. Wigg's set of Nelson (one verse only, with the comment The rest of the words are not worth printing).

A number of other songs were noted from Mr. Wigg: Pretty Nancy [of Yarmouth], The Bricklayer's Dream, The Ploughboy's Dream, 'Twas Through the Groves and When This Old Hat was New.


Posted - 29 May 03 - 02:09 pm

See also Mummers' Carol (The Tipteerers' Carol), collected by Lucy Broadwood

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