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Posted - 17 Jan 07 - 04:52 pm

Now Robin, lend to my thy bow,
Sweet Robin, lend to me thy bow,
For I must now a-hunting with my lady go,
With my sweet lady go.

Source: Broadwood, L, 1893, English County Songs, London, Leadenhall Press


Lucy Broadwood wrote:

The inclusion of this fine canon may be pardoned, in view of the difficulty of finding any more direct representation of Rutland than the allusion to Uppingham. The words should be sung straight through by each part, each leavinf off as the end of the last verse is reached.

Roud: 1373 (Search Roud index at VWML)

Malcolm Douglas
Posted - 18 Jan 07 - 01:02 am

The new tab arrangement is nice, but it doesn't work in some older browsers.

Omitted is the important note, "From Pammelia, pub. 1609".

That's Thomas Ravenscroft's Pammelia. It can be seen at Pammelia. Mvsicks Miscellanie. (1609)

'Now Robin' is at  36. Now Robin Lend

Jon Freeman

Posted - 18 Jan 07 - 01:16 am

Malcolm, does it degrade OK in the ones you see? If I turn css off on Firefox now, I get 2 links without the tab top, something I know will happen but still undertandable (I think...). ((Added. See I have introduced a couple of errors in things though. ww3c tommorrow...)

Edited By Jon Freeman - 18 Jan 07 - 01:47 am

Malcolm Douglas
Posted - 18 Jan 07 - 04:14 am

When I say 'some older browsers' I usually nowadays just mean Netscape 4, which I still use as a default; though of course I run several others (one has to). I use it as a benchmark when checking display on the websites I run myself, but I certainly can't expect everybody to.

What I see is two title boxes, one above the other, neither of which works as a link. The display works perfectly well in everything else. I find Netscape 4 useful for spotting mistakes I've made that newer browsers gloss over, but here I expect it's just that it's too old now to interpret the newer code used.


Posted - 18 Jan 07 - 08:36 am

Thanks for spotting the Pammelia issue, Malcolm. I had but it in the ABC but forgot it from the main text.

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