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Posted - 03 Sep 05 - 08:52 am

O ru, ru, ru, my little Jesu,
Ru, ru, ru, ru,
Close your eyes and slumber.
Be still all beasts, do not disturb His sleep,
Elephant, mosquito, do not make a sound!
O ru, ru, ru, my little Jesu,
Ru, ru, ru, ru,
Close your eyes in sleep.

O ru, ru, ru, mu little Jesu,
Ru, ru, ru, ru, angels watch are keeping.
All men this night do hail Thee, little one;
Silently they kneel before Thee, Holy Child.
O ru, ru, ru, ru, my little Jesu,
Ru, ru, ru,ru, close your eyes in sleep.

Source: Singing Together, Autumn 1977, BBC Publications


As this is Mexican in origin, I do not know for certain if the original lyrics were English or Spanish. However, the lack of rhymes suggests that they were probably Spanish.

Guest Account
Posted - 15 Aug 06 - 02:35 pm

From: Ben Sherman

We sang this song in school chorus, about 1954, at an Indian school in South Dakota.

masato sakurai

Posted - 18 Aug 06 - 04:41 am

From here.

"El Rorro"
Mexican Lullaby Carol

A la rururu, nino chiquito,
Duermase ya mi Jesussito.

Del el efanto hasta el mosquito,
Guarden silencio, no le hagan ruido.


Noche venturosa, noche de alegria.
Bendita la dulce, divina Maris.


Coros celestiales, con su dulce accento,
Canten la ventura este nacimiento.


English Translation: "THE BABE"

A la rururu, My lovely Jesus,
In sweetest slumber now rest, my dearest.

You elephant so huge, you small mosquito,
Be very still, you must not wake the Nino.


O night of glory, night of jubilation,
So richly blest by Mary, Queen of Heaven.


Such heav'nly voices in sweet accents singing,
The glorious tidings of His birth are bringing!


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