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1.Kind friends, pay attention to all I do mention;
It's only a few words I'm going to say
In Praise of a man, and his name I will mention:
Jack Gardner, the champion boy of the day.
He was a youth when he came here to lumber.
Down in the dance-room his wife he first knew.
There gave out a fellow that can't tell the number,
But Gardner and Quincy was the best of the crew.

2.These boys, they were both chums; they had money, and plenty;
Down into Newport for pleasure did go.
There they did fight, till they'd beat about twenty
Before these two lads they begun to know.
They sent for a policeman; but they soon got mistaken.
Take two such devils they never could do;
Arm in arm, they walked down to Mill Street
To meet at the roundhouse, Jack Gardner and his crew.

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Source: Folk Song of the Catskills Cazden, Haufrecht and Studner ISBN: o-87385-580-3.

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