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Fal-li-a ro-va ho! Over hill and dale we clamber
Fal-li-o-ro-va ho! Plucking berries by the fold.
Rous'd from sleep in early morn
By the song-birds' music magic
Haste ye, haste ye we're away
Plucking berries by the fold.

Azure blue the sky above us,
Smoky blue the rising hill-tops
Purple blue among the heather
Rip'ning berries by the fold

Over hill and through the glens,
Striding blithely through the heather
Breezes fraught with perfume sweet
Tempt us to the berry fold.          

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Source: Singing Together, BBC Broadcasts to Schools, Summer Term, 1959

Gaelic Song, words translated by J Gilmour Barr.
From 'The Scottish Orpheus School Song Book', Book I, Paterson's Publications Ltd.


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