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Oh see how the boys and girls are all dancing around,
Their feet twirl in time so swiftly they scarce touch the ground.
Now each maiden takes from her hiar a gold band,
And binds it quite quickly in her partner's hand.

'Oh maiden. my pretty maiden, don't tie it so tight,
And I'' stay here dancing from morning till night.'
But as soon as the girl the gold band had untied
A way flew the boy in the forest to hide.

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Source: Singing Together and Rhythm and Melody Autumn Term 1957

Rhythm and Melody notes:

"Swedish Folk Song
From "Twenty-five Rhythm and Melody Songs' arranged by Gladys Whitred
By permission of Geo. Harrap & Co. Ltd.

Roud: 832 (Search Roud index at VWML)

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