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Coral amber, pearl and shell,
Gifts we gather from summer seas,
Find and bind make love the spell,
Take our gifts if they charm and please.

Aloha! Aloha!, Hanaw, hanaw, aloha!
Aloha! Aloha!, Hanaw, hanaw, Aloha!

Ruby, onyx rain and dew,
Weave a crown with your jewelled light,
Show and know whose world is new,
Who is prince of the day and night.

Meadow, orchard, field and vine.
Melon, grape and maize are here,
Leaf and sheaf with tendrils twine,
Bring your harvests far and near.

Mountains, flowers, trees and hills,
Laugh and sing where His blessing fall,
Wind and waves, lagoons and rills,
Shout His love who is Lord of all.

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Source: Singing Together, Summer 1978, BBC Publications

From the Philippines. From "Three Far Eastern Carols", words translated by Malcolm Seageant - O.U.P.


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