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With song the air was filled
When angels brought the word
My heart beat fast and thrilled;
Such song I never heard!
They said in some strange language:
"Excelsis! Gloria!"
I raised my head and tried to hear,
But only "God" came clear.

They sang and sang; but what,
I could not understand.
I answered "We know not
Your Latin in this land!
If you wish me to listen
Please speak to me straight out;
You'll find my simple plain Walloon
Will fit to any tune."

Then, dazed, I heard their news;
That Christ the Lord is born!
But that His life He'd lose,
Perhaps before the morn.
If no one brought Him comforts
For He was cold and poor;
He had a stone beneath His head
And straw was all His bed.

I called the shepherds, quick!
We filled our bags with cake,
And cheese and milk so thick,
As much as we could take.
And following the star's beam
We found the little crib.
The virgin spoke Walloon and smiled
And let us hold the child!

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Source: Singing Together, Autumn 1974, BBC Publications

A French-speaking people of southeastern Belgium and adjacent areas of France.)

The pamphlet acknowleges G. Schirmer, 140 Strand, London, for this song.


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