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When first King Enery ruled this land,
Ruled this land, ruled this land,
When first King enery ruled this land,
He was a most gracious king.

He stole two pecks of barley meal
To make a bag pudding on.

A bag pudding the King did make,
And stuffed it well with plums.

And they did put lumps of suet in,
As big as my twa thumbs.

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Source: Journal of the English Folk Dance Society, 1928, Oxford University Press, London

This is one of a number of songs in an article 'Th' Owd Lass of Coverdill and other Dance fragments' written by Anne G Gilchrist in the 1928 edition of the English Folk Dance Journal. The song was taken from her landlord, Mr Dent, "in the old village of Orton, near Tebay, Westmorland."


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