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There lived a lady in Scotland
(O my love, O my love)
There lived a lady in Scotland
(O my love so early)
There lived a lady in Scotland,
She's fallen in love with an Englishman
(And bonny Susie Cleland's to be buried in Dundee)

The father to the daughter came,
Saying, 'Will you forsake than Englishman?'

'If you will not that Englishman forsake,
O I will burn you at the stake.'

'I will not that Englishman forsake,
Though you should burn me at the stake.'

'O where will I get a pretty boy,
who will carry tidings to my joy?'

'Give to him the right-hand glove.
Tell him to find another love.'

'Give to him this little pen-knife.
Tell him to get another wife.'

'Give to him this gay gold ring.
Tell him I'm going to my burning.'

Her father dragged her to the stake;
Her mother then a fire did make.

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Source: Palmer, Roy, Bushes and Briars, LLanerch, 1999

This song was published in in the Journal of the English Folk Dance and Song Society, 1941, page 79. The singer only had one verse, the last shown here with the chorus 'For she was to be burnt in Nottingham, not far from Nottinghamshire.' The rest of the text is taken from Motherwell's Minstrelsy Ancient and Modern (1827).

Roud: 45 (Search Roud index at VWML) Take Six
Child: 65

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